Oh my go$h! we got renewed by the fellas in the boardroom and we’re coming back for a second NEW MATERIAL NIGHT and our line up is as crazy as it ever was we got:

Sian Smyth (raw national finalist)
Dan Rath (from the womb)
Sara Mansour (bankstown poetry slam)
Michael Hing (SBS Tonightly)

+ 2 UNNAMED VERY SPECIAL CELEBRITY GUESTS (We cannot name them because of witness protection)

Me, Aaron hosting. 🙂

Sorry I didn’t put a better picture up but I’ve been bed-ridden since the last one cos i caught a case of the funnies. It’s also the weekend before my birthday so I’ll be allowed to go to the doctor for my many ailments .

-BYO (very crazy)
-$10 CASH ONLY (even crazier)
-7PM doors with a 7.30 start (reasonable)

Please try to see me there. Last time everything was completely sold out, so come early if you want good seats. I can’t guarantee that it will be sold out this time 😉 But if it suddenly happens that you don’t have enough money, you can always play at the casino and hit a big jackpot, and to make it easier for you, you can get a kahuna casino bonus.